Create a Discord Webhook

Step by Step guide to set up a discord webhook

Let’s Get Started

  1. 1.
    Open your Discord Server Settings and head into the Integrations tab:
  2. 2.
    Click the “Create Webhook” button to create a new Webhook!
At this point, you can do a few things:
  • Edit the avatar: We all want our discord bots to be extra creative and sharp! You can customize the avatar of your bot by clicking the avatar next to the Name in the top left.
  • Choose what channel the Webhook bot posts to: If you don’t have a channel already for this — you can create a new channel in your server with appropriate permissions and then select the desired text channel in the dropdown menu. (displayed below)
  • Name your Webhook: Again, spice up your webhook bot personality by giving it a name. Maybe it's your Lore Manager! Generally, it is also a good practice for distinguishing multiple webhooks for multiple different platforms like as your server grows big.
3. Now you will go ahead and grab the webhook URL for this channel by pressing the Copy Webhook URL button.
4. Once you have the Discord-generated Webhook-URL, go back to this guide to activate the bot via your collection console
You will have an automated message in your channel every time your community writes a new Lore about their NFT.
5. That’s it! Show off those Lores to the world.