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Tools Introduction

Dive into the specifics of what tools hyype has at your disposal to build community driven content
The Collection deployer / owner address is by default a project admin for a collection on Hyype. Being an admin allows access to role-restrictive operations like:
  • Add or remove collection admins / collaborators
  • Manage Discord lore bot integration
  • Manage Lore Guidance prompts for community
  • Manage Collection / Project lore
  • Manage Lore tags for community
  • ... and more

Getting Started

If you are logged in as the project admin of a collection, head over to "Manage Collections" from the dropdown of your profile on the top right corner
Select Manage Collections from the Dropdown
On the page, you will be able to see all the collections (smart contracts) you currently manage on Hyype.
Click on Collection Name to go the collection page or "Manage" to go to the collection manager.

All Functions

Check out how to manage collaborators / admins of your collection page
Add a bot integration which posts in your discord server whenever their is new content being posted in your NFT collection
Share creative writing prompts and hints directly on the platform with your community
Add custom Lore tags unique to your collection.