Set up a Writing Prompt

Guide your community with context. Provide examples for content, and inspire others to create with relevant direction.
As Collection owners, rally your community to create alongside you by providing a starting point for content creation.
A couple of examples can be:
  • Writing prompts inviting individual perspectives on an event. Allowing each member of the community to share their point of view.
  • Creating Quests Guidance in a P2E Game
  • A written prompt asking illustrators of your community to showcase their skill.
  • Create community based canon.

What does it look like on the platform?

On the add lore screen, if a prompt is available from the collection team / artist, it is visible on the right column:
Lore prompt from Notorious Frogs
Images from the prompt can be expanded in a viewer

How to set this up?

  1. 1.
    Go to the collection manager you want to set up a writing prompt for.
  2. 2.
    Once you are in the collection manager , you will go to the Prompt section
Manage a writing prompt
3. Once you write the prompt, click on Save changes and the prompt is saved.
4. That's it! Now the prompt is visible for all your NFT holders whenever they write lore for their NFTs.


How are the prompts stored?
In our existing Iteration, writing prompts are stored off-chain and can be editable as many times as you want.
Are the changes saved and reflected real-time?
Yes, indeed! Prompts are visible with latest changes as soon as they are updated.
Can the prompts include media?
Currently we support images - jpg, png, gifs files and you can include and add as many as you want. We recommend using one focused image with a short blurb as a follow-up text or as a pre-text which helps you community understand the example in a concise way.