Set up a discord Lore bot

How to integrate lore in your Discord community
Discord Bots & Lore automation for supported NFT collections introduces a new way for supported NFT communities to automate lore feed right into existing discord servers.

How does it work?

Tl;dr: This is made possible with the built-in functionality Discord provides known as Webhooks. It is an easy way to get automated messages and updates sent to a text channel in your server.
Don't know where to start? We've a detailed step-by-step guide to set this up
By creating a Webhook endpoint in your server, you’ll generate a URL which you will then need to add via the collection admin console.

Collection admin console

  1. 1.
    If you are logged in as the deployer or owner address of a collection, you will automatically see a dropdown menu on your collection page. (This dropdown is also available to other project admins you add there after)
Don't see admin dropdown menu? Reach out to the team over discord support channel and they will set you up manually.
Manage Discord Bot takes you to the admin management console
2. Once you are in the console, you will see a button which says "Add Discord Webhook URL". Any previously added discord webhook URLs are also listed here.
Click on Add Discord Webhook URL button
3. A dialog box will appear where you can then add the URL which will initiate the Lore bot upon saving. Hit the "Save Changes" button
Save the Lore bot
Important Note: Do not share your Webhook URL with any un-intended audience as the Webhook can programmatically post messages in that designated channel.
4. Once it successfully saves, you will be able to see the new Webhook URL listed. Other admins can come in and add/remove the discord bot at any time.

What does a Lore message look like in a channel?

Every Automated message will contain information like:
  • Lore Author name & link to their profile
  • Lore media (images etc)
  • NFT link
  • Lore preview text and link to the lore page
  • Timestamp of when the lore was posted


Are the lore messages configurable at the moment?
In our existing Iteration, the format of how the lore messages appear remain standardized. As we introduce a more self-service customizable way to manage related Webhooks, we will enable customizing this data as well.
Are they real-time?
Yes, indeed! Lore is posted almost immediately when someone adds lore to their NFT.
Is this safe?
Yes! Webhooks are a safe, easily-revokable, configurable way to enable quick automated posts to your defined text channels in discord communities.
Good to know: This is a quick start guide for builders to jump right into using the APIs to get up and running in a few simple steps. For more detailed information on all the methods available, Check out the API Reference docs.