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Custom Lore Tags

Define you content groups with Lore tags unique to your NFT project
Custom lore tags allow you to organise Lore, Illustrations, Derivatives & more within Hyype. Tags encourage you to build in appropriate themes while you focus on creating your content tree. Every NFT collection has access to default / global Lore tags that cannot be removed as they are shared across collections. These are:
  • Collector Statement - A depiction of Why. Why was the NFT important to you? Why did you buy it? Detailing the connection between NFT and Owner.
  • Backstory - Detail into the land of fiction, mostly used for defining lore, character persona, and history.
  • Spotlight
  • Artist Note (only available to project team)
  • Derivative - Anything deriving from the original artwork is a derivative. Did a community member recently do a rendition of your NFT? Did you commission a piece to add depth to your own NFT? The steps you take to broaden the world of your NFT can all live here.
  • Illustration - Broadening the world that your NFT lives in. While not directly a derivative of your NFT, illustrations can add context to the world and experiences your NFT has. Meme - Seize the MEMEs of production. A Meme can call attention to a project with incredible success. Find your most successful memes by pairing them with your NFT on Hyype.
A couple of examples for custom tags can be:
  • Factions within your NFT community
  • Series / Story Arcs
  • Lore contest specific tags

What does it look like on the platform?

On the add lore UI, if a custom is available from the collection team / artist, it is visible on the dropdown:
Void Warriors is a unique tag in this example - Localised to Forest Spirits

How to set this up?

  1. 1.
    Go to the collection manager you want to set up a new lore tag for.
  2. 2.
    Once you are in the collection manager , you will go to the Lore Tags section
3. Finalise the tag you want to add, click on Add New and the tag is saved.
Adding a new tag is easy!
4. That's it! Now the lore tag is visible for all your NFT holders whenever they write lore for their NFTs.


How are the tags stored?
In our existing Iteration, lore tags are stored off-chain and you can add / remove tags as many times as you want. It's recommended to not add too many tags without specific intent as that can confuse your community members.
Why I cannot delete "Backstory" as a lore tag?
Backstory and a few others are default tags shared by all collections. These are general tags meant to be used for a wide variety of occasions and hence, cannot be removed.
Can other collections see my tags?
Your lore tags are unique to you and only accessible within your community context. Anyone can see a lore tag once it's defined if there is a lore associated with it.
What happens if i delete a tag with previous lore tagged with it?
You'll see a confirmation dialog which alerts you with what will happen to the previous lore tagged with it. All the lore is preserved but gets assigned to "Collector Statement" tag. We will customize this to select an assign-to tag in our next iteration.