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Admin management

Add more collaborators from your core team to manage collection settings and content

Get Started

If you are logged in as the deployer or owner address of a collection, you will automatically see a dropdown menu on your collection page. (This dropdown is also available to other project admins you add there after)
Don't see admin dropdown menu? Reach out to the team over discord support channel and they will set you up manually.
Manage Admin Users takes you to the admin management consoleA

Add New Admin / Collaborator

  1. 1.
    Once you are in the console, you will see your address listed in as one of the default admins. Click on the "Add New User" button
2. A dialog box will appear where you can then add the address which should be granted access to this console and hit "Save Changes"
X23 is one of the team members in this example given access to this console
Never give anyone, unless you know them, access to your Hyype collection console. Same Opsec rules apply that you would practice while managing your community server on discord.
3. Once it successfully saves, you will be able to see the new Admin listed. Other admins can come in and add/remove new admins at any time. No one can remove the project owner address.
Toast appears when you add / remove an admin

Remove existing Admin / Collaborator

  1. 1.
    Click on the Delete Icon besides the project collaborator you want to remove
Press Delete / Trash icon
2. Then click on "Yes, Delete" as confirmation
Delete confirmation
3. The admin / collaborator will then be removed from the collection on hyype