Post Milestone Lore

Post a lore using Client-Id and Client-Secret
Milestone Lores are automated background lores which Publishers can post on NFT holder's behalf on a specific NFT. This is a signature free way of posting a lore and is instead validated using a unique Client-Secret a publisher can use alongside their unique Client-Id.
Some examples of Milestone Lores are:
  • Posting a backlink and a dynamic screenshot of a gallery where the NFT is featured.
  • In-game achievement screenshot for the NFT avatar
  • A custom HTML embed featuring the NFT
Client-Secret carry many privileges, so please keep them secure! Do not share your secret in publicly accessible platforms or front-end. If your Client-Secret or Client-id is compromised, we can provide a replacement.
Here is an overview of what is unique for a Publisher
Field Name
String. This is your Publisher Id or API key you are using as a platform.
String. Your Basic Authentication key to interact with the API. Do not expose it on public platforms.
String. e.g. "Storyverse Highlights" , "Gallery Updates" etc. Milestone Tags are unique to a Publisher. You cannot post under any other Lore tags except yours.
Note: Another thing which is unique to a Publisher but not part of the payload is publisherWalletAddress. As a Publisher, we want you to sign up on Hyype and let us know your Milestone Tag and wallet address associated with the Hyype account you want to publish from.
Please reach out to Hyype by writing at [email protected] or reaching out to us on our discord / twitter.

API Request format

Post Milestone Lore
Take a look at how you might want to pass the payload via curl:
curl --location --request POST '<YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE>' \
--header 'client-secret: <YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET_HERE>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"tokenSearchKeys": [
"previewImageUrl": "",
"loreDetails": {
"blocks": [
"id": "Rbb2fI9W8q",
"type": "paragraph",
"data": {
"text": "Adding a brand new lore milestone featuring this NFT"
"id": "Rbb2fI9W8y",
"type": "paragraph",
"data": {
"text": "Check out the Showcase image below"
"id": "727fabf9-28a8-4386-83b0-320e622d1bc4",
"type": "image",
"data": {
"file": {
"url": ""
"version": "2.23.2"

Payload Examples



Why create milestone lores?
Publishers can create milestone lores whenever an update happens on their platform based on a wallet interaction. This removes the need of wallet owner manually recording this event for their NFT and automates the whole intent.
Can milestone lores be deleted?
Milestones lores can be removed by the NFT owner and Project admin(s) / Loremasters the same way you can remove a user submitted backstory.
As a publisher, why do i need to sign up on & have a unique lore tag?
Every lore that is created is attributed to 4 things -
  • A Collection
  • An NFT inside that collection
  • An Author (which is an ethereum wallet address) &
  • A lore type or lore tag
As a publisher, for e.g. if you are a game developer - you want the Milestone Lores being created under your publisher account (similar to your twitter handle) on so people could follow it for global feeds. And Similarly, the Lore tags can help you filter out only your updates if you are interested in using the All lores API to get the same events to be displayed in your game.