NFT Lore details
Fetch all the lore blocks for a specific NFT lore item.
This API endpoint lets you pull in Lore Details for a specific Lore item for an NFT.
To make a request, send your client ID in the request header along with any other necessary parameters defined below. Lore details are fetched with the help of a Lore id. Lore ids are available when you request a list of all Lore associated with an NFT.
On success, the API will return full lore details along with the tagged NFT details (the one this specific lore is attributed to).
Lore Details
Take a look at how you might want to pass on the client ID via HTTP or curl:
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'client-id: YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE'
GET /api/v1/lore/618d1b43e7ec0000157eac3b HTTP/1.1
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