Canon Lore details
Fetch all the lore blocks for a specific canon lore item.
This API endpoint lets you pull in Lore Details for a specific Canon lore item for a collection.
To make a request, send your client ID in the request header along with any other necessary parameters defined below. Details are fetched with the help of a Lore id. Lore ids are available when you request a list of all canon / project lore associated with an NFT collection.
On success, the API will return full lore details along with the community / collection details (the one this specific lore is attributed to).
Canon Lore Details
Take a look at how you might want to pass on the client ID via HTTP or curl:
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'client-id: YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE'
GET /api/v1/canon/6261c907d1ab470018cf6150 HTTP/1.1
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